Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Gift Exchange

This Christmas I was invited to participate in the office Christmas gift exchange.  That was very welcome news as I am the new dentist in the office and I really like the staff that I work with.  Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love Christmas gift exchanges.  However, being the new dentist in the office, I had a few questions.  Most important being, what is the price limit for the gift?  There is always a price limit to these things, right?  That way you make sure everyone is buying a gift of equal value, and nobody feels like they spent too much or too little.  The answer suprised me.  There is no limit, just whatever you feel comfortable with.  Awkward silence...  "Oh Okay". 

I don't feel comfortable with anything.  If I spend $50 - $100 for a nice gift it may seem like I'm trying too hard, or like I'm showing off.  If they all give $25 gift cards and I spend $100 that would make me feel really uncomfortable.  But on the other hand, if they get really nice gifts and I spend the usual $25, then I would feel like a cheapskate. 

My plan is ... somehow without drawing attention, ask someone what they got last year in the gift exchange.  That way I can gauge the value of the gift and buy something I feel is in the same price range.  Hope my plan works!

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